TheFind Guest Post: We’re Loving Lulu Frost’s Art Deco Inspired Pieces for J. Crew!

Given the surplus of ridiculously cheap jewelry I've collected from Forever 21 and Old Navy (hey, it doesn't look as cheap as it is - at least not until the 10th wear, and by then it's practically bought itself!), I have a hard time justifying splurging on bangles and baubles. I mean, why spend so much money on a single piece of fine jewelry for myself when I can get a whole handful of faux trinkets for a fraction of the price? Of course, there are always exceptions... namely when a genius collaboration of designers births an accessories line so chic, I can't bear to pass it up, even if it goes against all my more practical budgeting plans. And the long-anticipated Lulu Frost for J. Crew collection is definitely one of those lines that's worth pushing frugality to the wayside. Incorporating all sorts of on-trend styles like chunky bangles, multi-colored enamel jazzed up with sparkling crystal accents, and bold geometric shapes, these updated Art Deco inspired pieces are the perfect contrast to the upcoming season's oversized sweaters, muted hues, and chunky knits! Plus, ranging in price from around $45 to $135, you can still indulge without feeling too impractical... plus, these pieces won't fall apart by the 12th time you wear them!

- Alex Gambardella

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