Buy it: C&C California
I will admit I was a bit skeptical about the $50 T-shirt phenomenon that is C&C California. But, armed with $20-off coupons at Bloomingdale's last week, I bought a lavender bell-sleeve T-shirt and a bright yellow tank top, both of which I am wearing today and, incidentally, probably making my mother happy. ("Cheryl, you wear so much black. Why don't you try some color? It will make you look less pale.") These shirts are so soft and are cut so well that they make you want to wear two of them at a time, in crazy color combinations, such as my very color-wheel-friendly lavender and yellow--which, by the way, I've received many compliments on today. So I'd highly suggest trying one or two--C&C T-shirts are so so great, it almost makes one want to move to L.A. Almost.

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