Buy it: fancy-schmancy face cream
Usually the first thing I do when I open a magazine is go through and rip out all of the annoying cards and coupons and such. As I was doing so with the gorgeous May issue of Vogue, I came across a sample of La Prairie Cellular Hydrating Serum. Now, normally I don't pay much attention to magazine samples, but I figured this one was worth a try because La Prairie is pretty frickin' expensive. I've been using the sample for the past two days and, let me tell you, my skin feels like silk--and this is a significant achievement, because I suffer from what I tend to call "old lady dry skin syndrome." (Or, as my dermatologist calls it, "eczema." Or as MW says, "What's wrong with your skin?"). I also discovered that La Prairie makes a De-Sensitizing Serum, which might work for me as well, although I'm so happy with the Hydrating Serum, I might just stick with that.

Now, you might be saying, "That shit is $150, bitch!" (Sorry, I've been watching a lot of Chapelle's Show recently.) And I know that magazines always quote dermatologists as saying, "There's no difference between a $10 face cream and a $100 face cream." I beg to differ. Seriously, my skin has never been this well-moisturized. Is it worth $150? Probably not, which is why I'm going to buy it on eBay for $50. Ha! I don't know what's in this cream--or what makes it cost $150--but whatever it is, it's working.

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