News digest
NYT: Once again, the Times is a bit slow on the uptake, as this week they discuss the designer denim craze; plus furs for spring and brooches for fall. Also: a tribute to the late Estee Lauder.

WWD: Yet another Meatpacking District newcomer, cool jewelry store Ten Thousand Things is moving to 14th Street; Soho Bloomie's is a success; American Apparel will open a Soho store; more on Estee Lauder; Roberto Menichetti is Celine's new designer; and an interview with Nicolas Ghesquiere of Balenciaga.

NYP: Tomorrow's style icons and two stars who need help; girls love chiffon; and astrological signs are the new monograms.

Elle: Be afraid, be very afraid: Perms are back. The scoop on last night's Costume Institute Gala (and 60 pictures!).

The Daily: More on the Costume Institute Gala; plus gossip and who wore what.

Lookonline: Yes, even more on the Costume Institute Gala.

Daily Candy: This is so random, I have to mention it: the Petapotty, for people too lazy to walk their dogs.

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