Website of the Week
I love Century 21, but sometimes--due to the long lines, extreme crowds, and disorganization--it's too much for me to handle. Luckily, there's YOOX, the virtual equivalent. Carrying every designer from Alexander McQueen to Yves Saint Laurent, YOOX is a fashionista's wonderland--so long as you don't mind that, much like at Century 21, you're shopping for last year's fashions. At YOOX, you can search by item of clothing, designer, or size (or any combination of the three), and you can sort by ascending or descending price. Speaking of price, the site is European and tends to be a bit more expensive (i.e., you're not going to find a Costume National skirt on clearance for $20), but considering the way it's organized--and the lack of grabby, snippy fellow shoppers--it's worth it.

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