Gifts for Mom
Mother's Day--May 9th--is rapidly approaching, and "Gifts for Mom" e-mails are likewise filling up my inbox. So if your mom is as hard to shop for as mine is, hopefully you'll find my Mother's Day gift guide somewhat helpful.

For the mom who still does your laundry: The Good Home Company laundry kit will make it smell way better than Downy.

For the mom who still cooks for you: Make her life easier with a food processor.

For the vain mom: Save her the embarrassing (and expensive) weekly trips to the dermatologist with an at-home microdermabrasion kit.

For the vegan mom: Lush's Mum Gift contains an array of good-smelling, cruelty-free bath products.

For the mom who likes to tip a few: My favorite wine, King Estate Pinot Gris, is light, crisp, and fruity. Go crazy and buy her a case!

For the classy mom who laments the death of etiquette: Kate Spade's new books Style, Occasions, and Manners will bring a smile to her face.

For the super-chic mom: Two words: Hermes scarf.

For the mom who "was quite a catch, back in the day": Chanel No. 5 will take her down memory lane.

For the mom who cherishes her memories: Get her a high-quality Japanese silk-screen-print photo album from Mom fave Kate's Paperie.

For the high-maintenance mom: This La Mer gift set is the ultimate luxury.

For the still-hip mom: Ponchos are all the rage.

For the mom who likes bling: These diamond hoop earrings are surprisingly affordable.

For the mom who has too much bling: Get her a jewelry box from Hold Everything.

For the avant-garde mom: This modern-looking fruit bowl is aesthetically pleasing.

For the traditional mom: Again, two words: sweater set.

For any mom: Every girl, young and old, loves anything from Tiffany.

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