Labels I Love: Sigerson Morrison
As we all know, I have a bit of a shoe fixation. (I say "fixation" instead of the more common "fetish", because, well, there's really nothing sexual involved, and I don't want to be misleading.) Now, while I was quoted in this article saying that super-high heels make you look good (well, they do), the truth is that I rarely wear a heel higher than two inches. This is because I'm a New Yorker and I do a lot of walking, but while I am quite vain and feel the need to look good, my shoes must be comfortable.

About five years ago, I discovered a chic little store on Mott Street called Sigerson Morrison, where most heels were under two inches, but even their four-inch heels were miraculously comfortable. Of course, shoes that stylish and comfortable couldn't remain undiscovered for long, so, buoyed by fashionista endorsements and a loyal following, Sigerson Morrison grew, moved around the corner to Prince Street (and started selling handbags in their old location), and raised their prices--whereas most of their shoes used to retail in the $200s, they're now in the mid-$300 to low $400 range (boots run about $750). Even the prices at their famous end-of-the-season "crazy sale" went up, from $69 to $99, and now you're lucky if there's even a pair left in your size by the time the prices get that low.

Thankfully, they've created Belle, a lower-priced line of classic styles: metallic strappy sandals, slingbacks, and sandals with oversized buckle details. The prices are not totally great (most are in the $200 range), but, hey, it's better than $400 for a pair of flats. There's also, of course, their $85 rubber kitten-heel flip-flop, which, now a year later, is being knocked off by everyone from Victoria's Secret to Old Navy.

Still, there's nothing like a pair of traditional Sigerson Morrisons. I troll eBay for old (but not worn) styles and usually buy a pair or two every year at Bergdorf's, which tends to have phenominal shoe sales in December and June. I have my eyes on the metallic silver cut-out heels shown here, and I'm waiting patiently...

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