Cheryl shops...the Barneys warehouse sale
Despite a massive hangover, I dragged myself to the Barneys New York warehouse sale this morning before work (it's my tradition to get there at 7:45 on the first day the sale is open). As usual, it was pretty crazy, but not too bad. If you're a Marc by Marc Jacobs lover (like I am), you'll have a field day (like I did), because they have a ton of Marc--skirts, dresses, tops, jackets, even swimsuits. I also saw a lot of Proenza Schouler, there were some Balenciaga pants and those jeweled Miu Miu dresses, and they had a lot of Juicy Couture knits and cute Diane von Furstenberg tops. I also saw quite a few Theory pants and jackets in corduroy, Citizens of Humanity denim skirts, and an $800 Lutz & Patmos cashmere sweater that was marked down to $199 (and it pained me not to buy it). The shoes were not spectacular (although I usually think they aren't at the warehouse sale), there was very little lingerie, and they didn't have the usual crates full of denim (the few pairs of jeans I saw were mixed in with the regular ready-to-wear pants). And the warehouse workers are super-annoying this year: First, they were trying to make women with tote bags (which was pretty much everyone) check their bag; then I was sternly reprimanded for attempting to try on clothes by the children's clothing, instead of in the "designated try-on areas," which were so crowded, one could hardly walk through them; and before I could check out, this girl made me fill out one of those post cards--even though I have a store charge and thus all my information is already in the computer--which held up the checkout line. Still, thanks to the Marc Jacobs bonanza, I managed to drop $300 in a little less than an hour. As long as you're not averse to crazy sample sale crowds, the sale is definitely worth checking out (and if you are averse to crazy sample sale crowds, go on a weekday during the day). Of course, by next weekend, the merchandise will be totally picked over, but that's when they start discounting everything even more. The sale runs through 9/6; 255 W. 17th St. (7th & 8th Aves.).

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