Website of the week
Sometimes I come across an incredible website that, in my relentless pursuit of shopping, I haven't seen before. One such website is the San Diego-based Go Clothing. Sure, they have the old standbys like C&C California, Citizens of Humanity, and Ella Moss, but they also carry harder-to-find labels like McGinn, Duarte, and Horn. And even with the familiar brands, they have a lot of merchandise that I've never seen before: for example, this Foley & Corrina reversible harlow top. You can browse by designer or by item of clothing (be advised, however, that the latter method takes a long time to load, as everything is on one page), and in addition to women's clothing and accessories, they also have stuff for men, kids, and the home. Some of my favorites: I can't begin to describe how cool this green belted Franny leather jacket is; this Maggie Barry tube top would go great with jeans or under a suit; these Horn preppy jeans have a very lean, flattering silhouette; hey, look--a dress named after me! (well, not really...); this Szulika dress looks comfy, but it's hot enough for a night on the town; and I think this Sabrina top by Zola is just plain pretty. Amusingly, you can also find Pamela Anderson's clothing line here. Now, if that doesn't say "website with a sense of humor," I don't know what does.

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