Website of the week
Shopping in Kate's Paperie with MW yesterday (yes, MW shops at Kate's Paperie), I came to the conclusion that while I love stationery, journals, cards, etc. (I am quite old-fashioned in that regard), I don't always love Kate's Paperie--it's kind of impersonal and huge, and it can be super-expensive. Enter Soleberry, a paper-goods website with a well-chosen selection of stationery, journals, cards, wrapping paper, and more. What's unique about Soleberry is that most of the merchandise was designed by artists (many of them local), not some monkey at the Hallmark corporate headquarters. And, best of all, everything is quite affordable. I like the blue long notes, which have an interesting shape, a groovy design, and inspirational text (hey, we can all use the help!); this butterfly journal with silver-edged pages (of course, I'm a sucker for anything with butterflies on it); this grand album famille, which is quirky and very French, designed by artist 100drine; this minimalist yet amusing birthday card; and this very colorful, almost wallpaper-like (I mean that as a compliment) Bertini gift wrap. You can read about Soleberry's artists here and the owners here--founder Gabrielle Dudnyk is a refugee from Real Simple, which, as a fellow magazine-toiler, I find incredibly inspiring in itself.

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