Not so much: UGG overkill
Yes, they're ugly and ridiculously trendy, but I am not opposed to UGG boots for the following reasons: They're very warm, comfortable, and waterproof. However, here's an example of how retailers take a popular trend--actually, in this case, two trends--and go totally apeshit with it: the UGG poncho. Aside from being one of the uglier garments in recent memory, this poncho is totally impractical. It's suede with lambswool lining, so if you wear it indoors, you're going to sweat like a hog; if you wear it outdoors (say, as a winter coat), you're going to get a gust of cold air up your torso whenever you move your arms. And did I mention it's ugly? Of course, you could pair it with your UGG boots and some lambskin trousers for a head-to-toe pioneer/fur-trapper look...nah. Here's my idea: Jam three or four sticks in the ground, cut a slit in the side of the poncho, drape it around the sticks, and voila! You've made a tepee for your dog! Otherwise, the UGG poncho: Not so much.

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