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Here's an example of why I adore MW so much: On Sunday morning, he suggested going to Target in Brooklyn instead of to The Gates in Central Park as we had planned. Hell, I'll take budget design for the masses over, um...snobby design for the masses any day. And even though I loooove Target, I hadn't yet checked out the Brooklyn location (yeah, yeah, sorry--I don't really do Brooklyn). Surprisingly, it took us only about 30 minutes to get there on the 2/3. Target is in a weird mall-like structure called the Atlantic Center--there's also a DSW, a Daffy's, a Mandee, and other random stores. The Target is two glorious floors: food, women's clothing, shoes, accessories, and toiletries are on the first floor; housewares, linens, electronics, men's clothing, and hardware-type stuff are on the second floor.

Since MW needed glasses, dishes, and such for his new apartment, we decided to hit the second floor first. The first thing that caught my eye was a display for the Swell line with bright chartruese and pink butterfly dishes (not available online yet). As you all know, I love butterflies, but I bought a bunch of Swell dishes last year, so I opted for a tray instead, convincing MW I'd use it to serve him breakfast in bed (uh-huhhh). But an even more welcome sight in the housewares section was that of a line of Isaac Mizrahi dishes in bright, bold colors and florals (also not available online), and, a couple of aisles over, the Isaac Mizrahi furniture collection, a small collection of five pieces that are so my style, I can't even begin to tell you (I really want the four-panel screen). And I didn't see it in the stores, but the website also offers several lines of Isaac bedding. Speaking of bedding, check out the Swell All A Flutter bedding collection with its embroidered butterflies. I'm still thinking about ordering the duvet cover, although it's made of a heavy, textured, loosely woven fabric--it's not soft like a regular duvet cover. But it's cute and, at $90 for a full size, quite a bargain.

On the lower level, MW waited patiently as I hit the shoes and clothes. I loved this shoe but decided, for some reason, to not buy it then. I also loved this denim jacket, which looks a lot more expensive than it is, but, alas, they were out of size medium (another reason I love the Isaac clothing--it runs big). I also discovered a great line of soap and cleaning supplies called Method (apparently not available on the website). MW then added this Curious George painting to the cart, at which point we decided to get out of there. Total damage: slightly less than $200 between the two of us. Not bad.

Now that I know Target is just a short subway ride away, going there might not be the momentous occasion it usually is, but now I can incorporate it into my city lifestyle, instead of associating it with the suburbs. And from now on, those who road-trip with me can rest assured I won't drag them into every Target I see. Well, maybe not...

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