(Final) Project Runway Recap
Sorry I didn't post last night--I had HG, BO and others over to watch the finale, and after a few mojitos, I was in no state to write anything. Anyway, so Project Runway is over. The episode, however, in all of its two-hour glory, was excellent--so much more so than last year's three-hour Apprentice finale. So, first we saw Parsons' Tim Gunn visit everyone at their respective homes--Jay in the middle of nowhere, Pennsylvania; Wendy in Virginia; and Kara Saun in Los Angeles--which was cute. Jay really does live in BuFu, Wendy's house was kind of lackluster but her daughter is cute, and Kara Saun lives in a very generic-looking L.A. apartment. Anyway, fast-forward a few months, and the designers have to live together in a phat suite at the W Times Square as they finish preparing for their shows. As you'd assume, Kara and Wendy butted heads...repeatedly (the best part, of course: "You're going to need your soul someday, Wendy"). So we followed the designers as they put the finishing touches on their designs, chose models, and dealt with accessories...which was another bag of worms. To make a long story short, Kara Saun had a friend at Dollhouse custom-make shoes for her, gratis. Tim Gunn found out and flipped out; even though Kara Saun produced an invoice for $15 per pair, they agreed that the judges would just ignore the shoes and not judge them as part of the collection. If you ask me, they shouldn't have let her use them. But whatever. Also, Wendy cried a lot, but I took great joy in watching it. What a wreck.

The most exciting part of the show, however, was the runway show. Kara went first, and the weird thing was, as soon as her first model went out, I knew she wasn't going to win (although I had an earlier feeling she wouldn't, after the whole shoe debacle). Her collection was very her--lots of fur, lots of leather, very sexy. But the clothes weren't very wearable. Being the busty gal that I am, I pay particular attention to what kind of bra one would wear with everything, and you'd have to duct-tape in about 2/3 of her clothes. No thanks. Then came Wendy. Well, I will say one nice thing about her, and it's that she has a great eye for fabrics. Otherwise, I could've made what she designed, except that I have better taste. And then came Jay, who seriously rocked the house (and you could tell by the audience's reaction). I thought his collection was by far the best--he showed the most technical skill, I loved that he incorporated knits, and his collection was styled the best (and I think he had the best makeup). Even Nina Garcia seemed pleased with it. And although Jay got the dreaded "matchy-matchy" comment, he won, and I am quite happy. As HG pointed out, Jay didn't win any of the competitions--except for the final, most important one. Touché, Kara Saun!

So, my congratulations to Jay! Look for updates on his career here!

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