Project Runway recap
I am shocked. Shocked. By some bizarre act of god, Wendy Pepper made Project Runway's final three. In this week's episode, the designers had two days to create a look for Access Hollywood anchor Nancy O'Dell to wear to the Grammys. All four designs were ripped to shreds by the judges--quite harshly, I thought, but then again, this is the fashion industry. For some reason, Nancy chose Wendy's design (hey, they're both fortysomething women!), ensuring Wendy's place in the final three. Kara Saun and Jay are the other two, so that made Austin "out." Now, Austin is a bit crazy and he definitely has a unique style (that, okay, is maybe not very modern or practical), but he is ten times more talented than Wendy. And, let's not forget, Wendy is a shrew. I mean, come on, orange feathers? Does she think Nancy O'Dell is a ho? (Does Nancy O'Dell think she's a ho?) People don't wear orange feathers to the Grammys. Although I guess there's a first time for everything...

Now, if you saw New York 1 over the weekend, you saw that the Project Runway show already happened, and that to prevent media leaks, they had all four designers show their collections--so hopefully poor Austin can find some funding. As for who wins, I assume we'll find out next week. Rumor has it that Jay got the loudest cheers, but my money is still on Kara Saun. And if it's Wendy, I am giving up on reality TV forever. Seriously.

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