Cheryl shops...the Intermix sale
On my way home from work on Thursday, I hit the Intermix sale, lured by mentions of $9 C&C tees and $39 Seven A-pocket jeans. They certainly had a lot of C&C tees--in the most foul shade of yellowish-brown I've ever seen--but there were no Seven jeans to be found (granted, they could've had more at some point in the day). I feel like the Intermix sale is guilty of bait-and-switch, which is dumb, because they had a lot of good stuff that they could've mentioned in their advertising--such as racks of cute miniskirts for $20, moccasins and ballet flats, and private-label trousers mixed in with designer ones (I saw some Moschino and Alberta Ferretti). All of that stuff would've been enough to get me into the sale in the first place, so why not talk about the good deals or the stuff they have a lot of? I feel so taken advantage of when I go somewhere and they don't have what they advertised, or they have it and it's all size 0 or a gross color. Anyway, there was a lot of space and a dressing room, two things that are lacking at a lot of sales. And they had racks and racks of cute things for $10 and $20 (tanks, miniskirts, etc.), and ugly things (ponchos). I saw several of the cable-knit Vince ponchos in a nice camel for $99. I found an ankle-length pink sweatercoat by Plenty for $99 (three people tried to take it away from me in the fitting room), but upon seeing the line to pay, which wrapped around the entire store, I ditched it, figuring I could knit something similar myself.

So, if you like miniskirts and/or you're on the smaller end (size-wise), the sale is definitely worth checking out (or at least it was as of Thursday). Again, don't go expecting a rainbow of C&C tees or Seven jeans, but there are certainly some cool pieces if you have time to dig. And wait in line.

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