Project Runway recap
Tonight's episode of Project Runway was the dreaded, ultra-lame "highlights" episode, whereupon all the designers reconvened and the following happened:

* Austin came dressed as Yankee Doodle Dandy and has, seemingly out of nowhere, developed a strong lisp
* Wendy committed to one haircolor and lost a few pounds but is still obviously evil
* We saw many (admittedly hilarious) clips of the designers completely wasted, mostly on champagne
* Everyone ganged up on Wendy
* Everyone but Heidi Klum was good-naturedly made fun of
* Trainwreck Morgan refused to show because the producers (smartly) refused to sign a document stating they wouldn't portray her in a negative light
* Everyone ganged up on Vanessa
* Vanessa, who clearly entered the show thinking she'd be ordering people around while sipping champagne cocktails and being told how fabulous she is, stormed out
* The designers were split on whether Jay or Kara Saun would win; the only contestant who thought Wendy might win was...Wendy.

Next week, the long-awaited two-hour finale. Finally.

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