Website of the week
Last Friday at work, no one felt like working. After watching some pudgy guy lip-synching to a German disco song and checking out Toxic Teddies, I found on Gawker and I was laughing so hard, I nearly fell out of my chair. You see, Tomatoalligator is the home of the Shit Bitch Bear, a hilarious teddy holding a heart that reads, "Shit bitch you is fine" [sic]--and it's quite a bargain at $12.99. Hey, it's better than the crap at Hallmark, and according to the website, it's been proven to increase response and lower inhibitions of its recipients--in other words, guaranteed action. The rest of the merchandise (they sell six items, total) is equally juvenile but still kinda funny. And if you and your significant other are not into the whole Valentine's Day thing, it's an excellent source for silly gifts. I especially like the Boobies T-shirt, a design based on when you type 5318008 into a calculator and turn it upside down (c'mon, you know you did it when you were eight). For the laundry-averse, there are the Ass Face towels, and for the flustered, there's the Wait up! shirt. Rounding out the offerings are the conversation-starting devil boy briefs for girls and T-shirt for boys. All clothing is by American Apparel (sweatshop-free and made in downtown L.A.) and items ship via USPS Priority Mail. As for the crazy people behind the site, click here to learn more. Sort of.

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