Bodysuits: discuss

I popped into H&M recently to pick up more of my favorite ribbed tanks (they look just like La Cosa, but they're $7.50 as opposed to $45), and I saw something that made me so excited, I almost wet my pants: bodysuits! Circa 1992, i.e. the glory days of bodysuits, I owned many different colors and styles, but my favorite were the neutral, spaghetti-strap styles that I could wear under things for a sleek, non-bunchy look. Over the years, my bodysuits got kind of gross and lost elasticity, so I had to put them in my "Save for my future daughter, in case she digs the retro stuff" box. Being a former dancer, I always had an ample supply of leotards thereafter, but, let's face it, having to completely disrobe every time you have to pee is not an appealing option. So let me tell you how excited I am about my $20 nude and black spaghetti-strap bodysuits from H&M. Now, I plan on wearing these primarily as under-layers, but upon closer examination, it seems bodysuits are making a comeback across the board (or at least trying to)--and I think we can blame (or thank) Madonna and her disco revival. The excellent Fashionologie has a great discussion on the trend, which also includes rompers (which I also think are cute if you have the body for them) and overalls (another one of my early-'90s faves). So, clearly, I'm a big fan of all this stuff. Can we be done with this whole '80s trend so we can do a full-on grunge revival? Bodysuits, thermals, flannels, babydoll dresses, Doc Martens...I'm so there!

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Anonymous said...

Ooh la love. I've been totally tempted to buy one and rock it under a long coat with some heels. We'll see if it happens.