Cheryl shops...upstate
Last weekend MW and I traveled upstate to the Catskills, where our friends GK and CE were getting married. (CE wore a lovely, vintage-looking Catherine Malandrino dress that suited her perfectly and fit in with the wedding's whole outdoorsy-bohemian vibe.) Because it was raining Saturday, and because I'm not really an outdoorsy girl, we hit the town of Woodstock for a little hippie-shopping. The majority of stores sold a mixture of Tibetan, tie-dyed, and incense-related merchandise, but there were a few cool places that stood out. We found a bunch of great used vegetarian cookbooks (including one just on miso!) at The Reader's Quarry, an adorable little bookstore. I was also a big fan of Candlestock, which sold, as you might imagine, candles. My favorite purchase of the day, however, was from a kooky store called Modern Mythology, where I bought a big green buddha for our front hallway. I rub his belly for luck every morning before I leave the house.

And because no trip upstate is complete without a stop at Woodbury Commons, we hit the outlet mall on the way home on Sunday. MW got a Ben Sherman tee for $6 at the Saks outlet and a cool velour track jacket at American Apparel, we both got shorts at Adidas (mine were Stella McCartney for Adidas, amazingly), and at Barneys, MW got another T-shirt, and I got two Splendid tunics and a pair of True Religion jeans (Joey) in a cool gray wash (at half price--not bad). In other words, for us, a pretty uneventful Woodbury trip. In fact, we were in and out in a record three and a half hours. Bo-ring. But never fear, we'll be sure to hit the Desert Hills outlets when we're in Palm Springs next month.

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Anonymous said...

I can't belive I have lived in NYC for 3 years and never made the trip to Woddbury. Sounds like a fun weekend!