Cheryl shops...the Daryl K sample sale
Yesterday I had the worst migraine I've had in years, so not only did I have to go home from work, but I was so completely out of it, I didn't even make it to the Daryl K sample sale. Never fear, I hit it today after work, and my advice to you is to run, run, run to it. Now, it's in a totally random building on the Bowery, and I was a bit worried that my kitten heels were going to crack open the floor in places, but the salesgirls working there are totally helpful and very nice, and oh my god is there a lot of merchandise. Not a lot of it is from this season (I saw one, maybe two racks of familiar stuff; I also saw a lot of tags from K-189, her secondary line that's been out of business for at least four years), but Daryl K's pants are so fabulous, they know no season. The more current stuff was anywhere from $50 to $100 (prices still way below wholesale), but the incredibly good news is that there are a ton of pants that are $25. Yes, $25. I saw many size 4's, but there were 6's, 8's, and even some 10's (but not a lot). There are some jackets, skirts, and tops too, but, really, do you care about those? No. I think I tried on about 8 pairs of pants and managed to narrow it down to 3 pairs--the really cool part being that I was trying on the same pants as two ultrathin girls, and while, okay, they probably looked a little better on them, they were flattering on us all, hence the magic of Daryl K. But that's not even the best part. They still have so much stuff and they're so desparate to get rid of it, that even though my three pants totaled $75 and I only had $65 in my wallet, they let me buy all three pairs anyway. I felt like I was at the flea market! Fan-tastic! So, for the love of Pete, haul your buns to 189 Bowery and take some of this merch off poor Daryl's hands. They're open from 10 until 4 on Friday, the last day of the sale. You can't even buy a pair of pants at the Gap for $25 nowadays, so seize the day and score some of the best pants ever. Please.

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