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It comes a few months after taxes and the experience can be akin to death: shopping for a new swimsuit. Yes, ladies, summer is already upon us, and if you haven't bought a new suit yet, well, it's about that time. And while many women have a go-to brand they swear by (anything from Land's End to Malia Mills; mine is Shoshanna), I've recently discovered Keiko, a Japanese-born swimwear designer who's been around since the early '80s. If the name rings a bell, it's because Keiko's suits have appeared in countless Sports Illustrated swimsuit issues, as well as in Maxim, Self and Cosmopolitan. But lest you think her suits are fit only for the glamazons who wear them in magazines, take a visit to her store on Greene Street, or to her website: Keiko's suits come in all shapes, sizes and colors to fit all body types.

Take, for instance, this solid maillot, which has a classic shape that looks good on a number of figures.

If you're 10 pounds overboard, this pieced style has strategically placed bands of color for an ultra-slimming effect.

Likewise, this banded style covers a multitude of sins, but the sheer panels keep it from looking too matronly.

For those in more supermodel-like shape, I love this striped bikini, which still manages to be demure while showing a lot of skin.

My absolute favorite, however, is this tie bikini, which I bet has a more forgiving fit than one would imagine.

I'm feeling not so bad about my body this year, so I might head down to Soho and try it on. Speaking of which, you can't buy anything directly from the site, but you can always call or email and see if you can order that way. After all, trying on swimsuits in your own home is always a more pleasant experience than doing it at the store, three-way mirrors, fluorescent lighting and all.

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