A post not at all about shopping
I will readily admit that I watch a lot of TV, much of it bad. For every Sopranos or Lost, there's a So You Think You Can Dance or The Dog Whisperer, all of which I love. And I seem to have a special place in my heart for reality TV (sorry, Hollywood TV writers). While one of my favorite shows ever, America's Next Top Model, is on hiatus until the fall, I've been filling the void with The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency, which is on Tuesday nights on Oxygen. Janice, as we all know, is a former judge from ANTM, and this reality show is following her as she tries to launch her own modeling agency. So far, all she's done is have open calls, narrow down the field, criticize the appearances of her girl models, ogle the abs of her male models, and argue with her business partner over whom they should represent. In other words, it's probably still a bit unrealistic (since she's only booked one job thus far, where is she getting her startup money?), but it's a little more feasible than ANTM, and her models will (god willing) end up doing some real modeling work. And while Janice is prone to grandiose exaggerations ("You're the next Kate Moss!"), I trust her judgment way more than Tyra Banks'. Also, sometimes I think Janice looks hot, and sometimes I think she looks like Amanda Lepore, so it's always fun to see how she comes across in the next scene!

I've also been watching The Hills, which, I'm going to venture, I'm enjoying even more than its predecessor, Laguna Beach. LC was always my favorite character, and, again, while this show is still not "real world" in the grand scheme of things, it's a bit more mature than the whole high school aspect of Laguna (I know, this coming from someone who religiously watches The OC). LC has moved to L.A. and has an internship at Teen Vogue. I find this highly entertaining, because 1) you get an inside look at the magazine and many of the, um, "personalities" who work there (including a former coworker of mine who is a royal bitch and who has appeared in several episodes thus far; I'm not naming names); 2) like at many real-world internships, LC sits around looking bored for much of the time; and 3) her fellow intern is a nice blonde girl named Whitney, and in a former internship of mine, I swear to god, I worked with Whitney's long-lost twin (also, coincidentally, named Whitney). So, okay, some things are a bit Condé Nast (like sending LC to NYC just to deliver a dress), but there are definitely some glimpses into the behind-the-scenes action at a magazine. And, I like making fun of LC's roommate Heidi and how utterly stupid she is, because I may not be as cute, thin or rich as she is, but I'm a hell of a lot smarter (which, seeing as how I have at least 10 years on her, I'd hope so).

Which brings me to Project Runway. I can tell you that the new season debuts on July 12, but I can neither confirm nor deny that Macy's is the new sponsor. And, yes, I am busting out the publicist-speak on purpose. You can read into it what you will.


Anonymous said...

Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency has space in soho - I walked by it the other day I think it was on wooster just south of spring. same super pink signage.

Anonymous said...

Can you publicist speak your way into letting us know what the aforementioned sponsorship may or may not entail, should such sponsorship come to fruition? Ahem.

Cheryl said...

Banana Republic was the sponsor of the first two seasons. One challenge involved the designers creating an outfit for them; part of the grand prize was that the winner got a yearlong mentorship with the design staff (which Jay, the first season's winner, infamously turned down). But I can neither confirm nor deny that if Macy's is the sponsor, there will be similar challenges and/or prizes.