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Living in NYC, it being the fashion capitol of America and all, you sometimes get a skewed perception of things. Like, I go to Boston and think everyone is ultra-preppy; I go home to Chicago and think everything is conservative (both of those statements are partially, but not entirely, true). I also like to joke at work that Chicago hasn't discovered round-toe shoes yet. But whenever I go back to Chicago, I find a new store or two that give a glimpse that there's more out in the Midwest than boot-cut jeans and pointy-toe shoes. One such store is Lili, which is a cute little boutique in Old Town, one of my favorite neighborhoods. Lili now has a website, and it features clothes so interesting and chic, you'd think you were in a boutique in Nolita or Williamsburg. You can shop by designer or by category, then by designer within the category. There's everything from trendy denim by Siwy and J Brand, to pretty jewelry from Citrine by the Stones and Double Happiness, one of my favorite jewelers, but there are also a lot of labels that are new to me--which gives the site added cachet.

This Andrea S. tank dress looks so comfortable, like you could wear it all summer. And I could picture, say, Nicole Richie wearing it.

I like this silk tee dress--very Kirsten Dunst--by Geren Ford, another under-the-radar designer.

It's almost too hot to think about it, but the site has some great jackets, like this ruffled leather jacket by Mackage, another label I've never heard of, but one that apparently has amazing jackets and coats.

I also like this short-sleeved cropped jacket from Sunner.

I'm a sucker for both Park Vogel tees and ballerina sweaters, and this pretty print wrap top fits both.

This floor-length skirt is a bit of a splurge (especially for cotton), but I love the details in front, and Tree always makes gorgeous, unique pieces.

There are many awesome tops, but this lovely eyelet blouse from Bellekat is one of my favorites.

And there are a ton of necklaces and earrings, but I think this quirky deer necklace by Twinkle is my favorite.

Shipping is reasonable, but returns must be made within 14 days (or otherwise be subject to a harsh 50% restocking fee). Not that you'd want to return anything--with such unique stuff, Lili ensures you won't look like any other fashionista strolling the streets of Nolita.


Anonymous said...

Oh mY gosh - I love mackage! They are a Canadian design house that does fabulous coats and great leathers (also work by hollywood types - see web site - )
Atrium, Searle, & Barneys carry them in nyc. I just bought my first coat from them last year after stalking it for a few months - It is a winter cashmere blend coat 3/4 length, the sleeves flare and there is a wide leather belt (@ 6") that wraps at the waist similar to a kimono tie. It is so cute - and every time I wear it I get stopped on the street. On the web site it is the first coat shown for the 2004-2005 collection fall/winter)
Love Mackage!

Cheryl said...

Ohhh, I love! Looks like I'll be buying a new winter coat this year!

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