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We're not quite there yet, but right around the beginning of July, when the weather starts to creep up toward the 90s, all I want to wear is a lightweight, loose-fitting sundress. I usually pick up at least two new ones every year, the cheaper, the better. So I've found a great site with many contenders for this summer's dresses: Blue Plate. As the site's name would suggest, everything is quite affordable. They have tops, skirts, shoes, accessories and home accessories, but I'm going to focus on dresses, because they have so many cute ones (and because some of their other merchandise veers toward the hippie-dippy).

This white and purple dress appeared in Lucky and, probably as a result, is back-ordered for three weeks, but it's definitely a contender.

I think this white and red tube dress would look great with lots of silver jewelry and some flat sandals, plus with its smocked top, you can be sure it's totally comfortable.

This fun halter dress appeared in Teen Vogue, and while I love the print, this is not a dress for busty gals.

But my favorite is this smocked cotton babydoll dress, which looks like it came straight from some Mexican hippie destination. I'd wear it with a belt, so as not to look like a shapeless blob.

So, I'll be placing my order soon. It might be 80 degrees tomorrow, but it'll be 90 soon, and I definitely want my dresses in time to beat the heat.


Anonymous said...

Figured here is as good a place as any to let you know that Mango online ( is having a sale. Also, I think we need a second part to your blog called Cheryl Buys... :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the head's up on this site! I just ordered the Teen People dress as a birthday gift to myself. Thank God I'm not a busty gal :)