I'm too Mexxy for this store
Inspired by Lynn Yaeger's excellent adventure, I checked out new European superstore Mexx, at 52nd and 5th, on Saturday afternoon. My first impression? Greige. I'd say 90% of the first floor is some kind of neutral, be it black, brown, cream, or gray. (Can someone make sure Mexx gets the memo about there being a lot of color this spring? Thanks.) So nothing caught my eye right away, but upon closer look, I found some cute cropped jeans for $69, jeans-cut leather pants for $169, a topstitched suede messenger bag for $59, and a very Barbarella silver vinyl purse for $29. Yes, as you've probably noticed by now, those prices are significantly higher than H&M's. The good thing about this is that Mexx' clothes appear to run a lot bigger; the bad thing is that a lot of it is still made out of synthetics (wool/acrylic blend sweaters abound). I think I'm going to wait for a sale.

Somewhat disappointed, I headed a few doors down to H&M, whose first floor is decked out in...greige. Black and cream, as far as the eye can see. Um, way to differentiate yourself from the competition, H&M.

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