Rich Girls' prom vs. my prom
So, I watched Rich Girls last night on MTV. Yikes. In the first 10 minutes of the show, the girls must've spent $10,000, all in search of a prom dress (they seem to get easily distracted). They were limo-chauffeured as they went from What Goes Around Comes Around in SoHo to Scoop to Saks to God knows where else. Jaime (the portly one, although, to be fair, TV adds weight, so she's probably not that heavy) dropped 5Gs on her leopard-print number. You know where I got my prom dress? I'll give you a hint: It starts with JC and ends with Penney. The girls then had a day of beauty at Frederic Fekkai to prepare for the big event (which, from what I could tell, was a lot of drama, underage drinking, smoking, and riding around in a limo). For my prom, I did my own hair and makeup, then I called my best friend Jen and we both had a shot of vodka to steady our nerves. Then, after pictures at Laura's house (where my dad, slightly inebriated, decided to sit on the floor while taking pictures, so half of my photos are up everyone's nose) I think we drove ourselves to good ol' Drury Lane. But you know what? I had a damn good time at my prom and there was no drama, aside from my discovering that, much to my chagrin, my date was gay. But, hey, he was hot!

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