Needless Markup strikes again

After my H&M bonanza last night, I came home to find the Neiman Marcus Christmas Book waiting for me. Now, you've probably already heard about the ridiculousness of this catalog: Between diamond necklaces, seasonal party frocks, and $75 gourmet popcorn, you can find a $27k luxury ice fishing house, $400k his-and-hers robots, a $160k environmental art installation, and Learjets ranging from $7.737 million to $12.743 million. Now, if you're going to shell out that much money for a freakin' airplane, do you buy it from Neiman Marcus? I don't know about you, but I think I'd cut out the middleman and just call Learjet itself. I mean, how hard can we make this, people?

My favorite extravagant gift, however is the $10k custom-made mermaid suit. Note the L'il Kim–esque model bling-blinged out in faux pearls (not included). The outfit even comes with swimming lessons!

Is there anything in there for us hoi polloi? Yes! I like the Pucci Rainboots and the striped Burberry hat and mittens. They'll go with my winter coat quite nicely.

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