Lucky you

This is going to sound sad, but one of the highlights of my month is receiving the new issue of Lucky. So here are some things of note in the November issue:

Cover: Mischa Barton of The O.C., a show that seemingly everyone except me watches.

p.58: "One to Watch," a cool-looking jewelry company called Bing Bang. Simple and affordable—right up my alley.

p.64: A three-page story on black patent leather shoes. [barf] No one over the age of six should wear black patent leather shoes.

p.72: Two pages of chunky cardigans, tank tops, grandpa trousers, and round-toe shoes. Did they raid my closet for this? I'm flattered!

p.140: A beauty feature on hair extensions. Considering these hover around $400 (and can go into the thousands), I have a question: Does anyone besides Britney Spears actually get these? Just wondering.

p.161: A very useful guide to winter coats. As soon as I got my issue, I ran out and bought the black nylon bomber from bebe, featured on p.177. (No, I am not kidding. It's cuter than the Juicy Couture one and half the price. How could I go wrong?)

p.187: This month in "Fashion Week," a London model/writer (apparently not an oxymoron). I have another question: Do they ever feature someone not directly involved in fashion? Let's branch out, people. It's getting to be like the column in Time Out New York when they ask people what they're wearing, but never seem to find any stylish people above 14th Street.

p.190: Dressing around your flaws. This is an excellent, service-y piece, except for one glaring problem: They use the same model for every flaw. And, let's face it, she's a model—she doesn't have any flaws. Lucky staffers seem to like to put themselves in the magazine; why didn't they seize this perfect opportunity? (Unless they believe they don't have any flaws. Hmm.)

p.202: Another service piece on packing. Good idea, but probably useful only if you don't travel much.

Back of the book: Lots of Lucky Breaks, sales, and a story on 9th Street boutiques. They seemed to have stopped the city shopping guides—fortunately, since they appeared to be running out of cities.

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