The week in shopping

Daily Candy has sample sales for the week. Some favorites: La Cosa and Me & Ro (which is actually next week). Skip the Habitual—unless you're built like Giselle, their jeans aren't going to fit you.

Lucky's New York and online sales. Nothing too exciting to report here.

The excellent Girlshop is having a warehouse sale. Now, these are kind of weird because each of their brands has a representative there, and they kind of try to sell you stuff, which kind of defeats the purpose of a sample sale, i.e., get out of my way and give me the stuff for cheap! Still, there's usually a lot of good stuff here, often including stuff that's currently full price on the website. 154 W. 14th, 9th floor (corner of 7th Ave.), 10/15 4-8, 10/16-17 12-8.

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