America's Next Top Model recap
So, last night on America's Next Top Model, there were--gasp!--two eliminations. The first was Magdalena, who I thought was pretty fugly anyway and who was deemed to be dead in front of the camera during the photo shoot in Jamaica. (Side note: The girls were flown from L.A. to NYC, then overnight to Jamaica. I'm guessing this was to show the girls how "hard" it is to be a jet-setting model shuttling around the world from job to job. Call me crazy, but after all that traveling, I think I'd be dead in front of the camera, too.) Ann, the jock, had a breakdown on the flight to Jamaica, then had another one when they got back to NYC because she and Eva weren't rooming together. Now, either this girl is 1) a drama queen, 2) codependent, 3) immature, or 4) all of the above. And considering Ann was almost booted off at the end (it was down to her and Leah, who got booted for having crazy eyes, having bad rhythm, and being too soccer mom-ish), I think she needs to calm the fuck down. As for Kelle, the "white girl with a dark tan," pretty much everyone was hating on her for being stuck-up, and refering to her mouth as a "monkey mouth" didn't do her any favors with the black girls on the show, but I admire Toccara (the plus-size girl) for talking to Kelle directly--Toccara is growing on me. Yaya obviously kicked ass at the photo shoot; she and Norelle are still my two favorites. Next week is the makeover episode, so then we'll see who's really got game. Also, the preview said that next week, one of the contestants will admit to another that she has an eating disorder (and the other contestant, of course, blabs to everyone else). My money's on Ann.

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