Website of the week
I love buying gifts for people (I like shopping in general, not just for myself), but some people are downright impossible to shop for (my dad, for one). Thankfully, when you're at a loss, there are gift shops, or their modern-day equivalent, gift websites. So if Red Envelope is your mom, is your best friend. Everything is bright, colorful, and funky, with a sense of humor. And while there is not a ton of merchandise (organized by self-explanatory categories like "office" and "bath & body"), it's all carefully selected and appealing. Some items are pretty kitschy, like this monogrammed toilet paper or the hilarious festival of carbs magnets; other items are slightly more classy, like the ginko tree kit, the yoga bag, and the Dewey Howard mini-journals (a bargain at $8 each). And, of course, there are things you'll, well, want to buy for yourself: the personal library kit; the hip yoga mat; the smores maker; and the garden kits. Hey, no one said you have to give gifts only to other people!

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