Guest shopper
Michelle went to Jersey Gardens (the Jersey outlet mall) over the weekend. Here's her report:

I took a trip to Jersey Gardens on Saturday. The mall is huge and depressing, but there are deals to be had. The Off Fifth and Neiman's Last Call has pretty good sales going on (Theory stuff is dirt cheap). But the coup of the day had to be Filene's Basement, of all places! They have racks of Barneys New York stuff for as little as $29.99 (a men's cashmere sweater was originally $400 plus, not $99 to $110). They also have Barneys shoes and boots for $39.99 and up. I was pretty surprised.

While the Filene's in the city tend to be pretty crappy, I was thoroughly impressed with the quality of the stuff and the prices in Jersey: Paper Denim and Blue Cult jeans for about $25 (in pretty small sizes, 24-28), and tons of other stuff at 60% off clearance price. I'm still wiping the drool.

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