Website of the week
Lately, I haven't been totally jazzed about clothes. I don't know if this is because of the weather, or my gaining and losing the same five pounds over and over again, or the fact that I'm low on funds (or maybe all of those reasons), but I just haven't felt like shopping for clothes much. (Don't worry, kids, I'll bounce back eventually.) But finding a website like the Oregon-based Le Train Bleu is inspiring. Named after the famous Ballets Russe ballet (with sets by Picasso and costumes by Chanel), there's a definite dancer's influence in their very focused selection of merchandise. They carry knitwear (a shrug, a wrap sweater) by dancer favorite K.D. Dids and leotards (the ballerina bodice leotard) by M Stevens, plus more mainstream but still delicate tops from Sweetees (one of my faves), skirts from Charlotte Ronson, and legwarmers from Dotsy (not the brand dancers prefer, but still cute). The site is incredibly easy to navigate: You can shop by category or just look at everything on one page--there's not a ton of stuff anyway. I like this Sweetees Winnie tunic, 'cause it's a little bit 80s, but it's still cute; of course I love anything with a butterfly on it; and these Dimensione Danza pants are super-hot in Italy (very appropriate, considering it's Milan Fashion Week). Items ship via Priority Mail, and as they seem to be clearing out a bunch of spring merchandise, there's a lot on sale. And if there's anything that can get me motivated to shop again, it's a good sale.

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