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So, last night MK and I (not Mary-Kate Olsen, dork) hit Bloomingdale's Soho for the "private" sale. Side note: The 59th Street store is usually a madhouse during any kind of sale, even if it's on a weeknight; Soho was not crowded at all, and actually quite serene. Another side note: I got a Marc by Marc Jacobs skirt and a Theory cashmere sweater for $49. Total. I think the salesgirl screwed up the coupons, but still, I was quite pleased with myself. Anyway, as I was waiting for MK, milling around the handbags, this Marc by Marc Jacobs Velvet Top-Knot bag had me at hello. Neiman Marcus shows it in dusty pink and teal (both of which Bloomie's had), but Bloomie's has it in this rich emerald green color, which, sadly, I can't seem to find on the Internet. It's beautiful, but it's $228, which, to me, is kind of a lot for a non-leather bag (especially when you can get this velvet hobo on sale at the Gap for $12). Still, I think I'm going to put it on my mental wish list, and if I happen to get a new job in the next month as my psychic in New Orleans predicted, I might just treat myself.

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