Guest shopper
Mina checked out Assets London in Tribeca. Here's what she had to say:

I visited Assets London during lunch break today. Their warehouse
sale is actually pretty nice! I fell in love with an Anna Sui
mohair-ish winter coat that's SO me, for just $150! (reg. price $595)
I was *this* close to buying it, but then noticed that some of the
strands on the decorative button/loops are broken. I'm trying to
devise a way to repair this, even substitute some other material,
because I still want that coat. I'm probably stopping by again on the
way back from work to coo at the coat.

They had a good amount of other nice things, including Diesel skirts,
and nice tops and skirts for as low as $25. They also carry lots of
super-cute arm-warmers and long knit winter gloves for $45-$80, but
I'm not sure if they're practical for me.

Thanks for the info! If anyone else has a shopping report to contribute, e-mail me and I'll post it.

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