Buy it: liquid leggings
Back when Kate Moss was with Pete Doherty (it was only last year but seems like ages ago, doesn't it?), she showed up at the Glastonbury Festival in what appeared to be latex leggings. Of all the Kate Moss looks I've knocked off, I filed this one under Do Not Attempt. However, in the last few months, so-called liquid leggings have been popping up all over the place, from the celeb favorite Kova & T to American Apparel. The finish is less shiny and more leather-like than Kate's pants, but the fit is even tighter (leave it to Kate Moss to make latex--a substance most people need baby powder to get into--look baggy), and until my friend ES bought a pair of Kensie's Liquid Leggings at Dillard's over Labor Day weekend, I was skeptical. They looked so amazing on her, I was finally inspired to give them a whirl.

I ordered these Aqua latex leggings (which are not, it should be noted, actually latex, but a poly/spandex blend) last week during Bloomingdale's private sale; I tried them on today, and wow. They are surprisingly flattering, albeit a little warm, and totally sexy, and in spite of the 5 or so extra pounds I'm currently carrying, my legs do not at all look like sausage casings. In fact, they make me feel like a total rock star. I plan on wearing them with an oxford shirt or a boyfriend cardigan, for a smart-meets-sexy look. And, of course, heels are in order. High heels.

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