Julie Haus Spring 2009
Where & When: Friday, September 5th at 2 p.m., 28 W. 36th St. Penthouse
Runway Recap: Haus' collection, entitled "Not a Wallflower," had a pretty-meets-punky vibe, mixing feminine heart and floral prints with studded accessories and acid-bright colors. Origami-inspired pleats and tucks gave shape to skirts and dresses, for a hint of Japanese chic. And, emerging trend alert--this was already the second show where every look was styled with socks and high-heeled sandals. (Who knew that my high school French teacher was so far ahead of the trends?)
Standout Look: There's so much going on here--a Chanel-inspired jacket, a brightly colored top, a fun floral-print skirt, and a contrasting patterned belt--but it has that effortlessly thrown-together look that only the truly stylish can achieve. If only I could always look this cool.
Bonus Points: I didn't know what to be more excited about: Molly Sims, Leighton Meester (!), and Jamie-Lynn Sigler in the front row or the Nintendo DS included in the gift bag.
Where to Buy: Bloomie's, Barneys, Bendel's, Saks, and a ton of other retailers listed here.

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