Twinkle by Wenlan Spring 2009
Where & When: Monday, September 8th at 9 a.m., the Salon, Bryant Park
Runway Recap: In the notes for her spring collection, Twinkle designer Wenlan Chia had me at "Jean Seberg" (seriously, if you've never seen it, add Breathless to your Netflix queue now). Instead of the obvious reference to the famed French actress--striped tees, capri pants--Wenlan created a tightly focused collection of high-waisted skirts, sexy camisoles, and printed dresses. I was expecting more knits (Chia is well known in the knitting community), and I could've done without the Hammer pants, but the show had a strong early-1960s Paris vibe, and anything Parisian is good in my book.
Standout Look: Some of my favorite looks in the show featured Wenlan's "etoile" print, including this asymmetrical dress (again, trend alert!), and I have a feeling it was her favorite print as well—-it decorated all of the reversible tote bags the audience received as gifts.
Bonus Points: Nine a.m. shows are always a hard sell, so I wasn't expecting any celebrities. But, right across from me sat...the kid who plays America Ferrera's nephew on Ugly Betty, by far my most random celebrity sighting of the week!
Where to Buy:, Nordstrom, and more locations here.

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