Karen Walker Spring 2009
Where & When: Saturday, September 6th at 3 p.m., the Altman Building
Runway Recap: Fashionistas' spirits—and Louboutins—were dampened by the tropical storm happening outside, but New Zealand designer Karen Walker's awesome show made me forget it was even raining. Slouchy, borrowed-from-your-boyfriend shirts and trousers opened the show, but the tissue-thin T-shirts, lacy dresses, and tulip skirts will work better on non-model bodies.
Standout Look: While there were many great prints in the show, my favorite were the incredibly wearable, not-at-all tacky series of abstract leopard patterns. Can't you picture an Olsen twin wearing this loose jacket, tissue tee, and well-cut pencil skirt?
Bonus Points: This show drew a serious downtown fashion crowd--I spotted Mr. Mickey from Paper, Lynn Yaeger from the Village Voice, and Elle's Kate Lamphear, who seemed a bit put off by the fact that she had to wait in line to check in with the rest of us hoi polloi.
Where to Buy: Barneys, Elizabeth Charles, Bird, and many other stores listed at her website.

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