Bebe Spring 2011

Where & When: Tuesday, September 14th at 7:00pm, Metropolitan Pavilion.
Presentation Recap: The Metropolitan Pavilion proved itself a logistical nightmare, even for a NYFW venue. There were lines out the door a half hour after start time and a second round of lines inside, but media got to cut through. An inordinate number of vendors inside giving away some decent free swag created some difficulty when I only wished to navigate to the runway. Once seated, it quickly hit me that the audience here seemed to be lacking an overall air of class, but I tried my best to block out their vapid comments ("Ohmigod, these models are -so- skinny. Like, somebody feed them?") and focused on the show at hand.

The show itself didn't actually start till an hour after it was scheduled to. Bebe's spring runway show boasted wispy floral chiffon dresses, gowns with lace cutouts, beige fabrics, and oversized handbags. Blazers were cropped short and skirt hems were asymmetrical with angled layers. I can't say I was terribly starry-eyed, but I could see myself wearing a couple of their more conservative frocks.
Standout Look: One particularly amusing theme in this collection was what I would call "sexy work wear" - midriff-exposing outfits that clearly would never fly in an actual office. One of the most entertaining showcased a fringe bandeau under a blazer (see above).
Bonus Points: Basketball stars and C-list celebrities littered the audience. Of them, Ron Artest of the LA Lakers and Chris Bosh of the Miami Heat, as well as Universal Motown singer Kat DeLuna.

Where to Buy: Click here to view collection.

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