Ports 1961 Spring 2011

Where & When: Friday, September 10 at 3 p.m., the Theatre, Lincoln Center
Runway Recap: Long designed by Tia Cibani, her sister, Fiona, has now taken over Ports 1961 and, well, let's just say there's a new sheriff in town. The line still draws inspiration from far-flung locales (this collection drew from the North African desert), but I found the line to be...a bit different. Yes, the fabrics were gorgeous, with rich shades of purple and green and sapphire blue, and prints that evoked sandy landscapes. Yes, the collection was glamorous, with sensually draped cuts and fluid shapes. Yes, the models, with their pumped-up hair and doe eyes, looked sexy. And yet, I felt that something was missing--Ports 1961 caters toward a working woman, and I couldn't help but think most of the dresses shown were not appropriate for a professional woman, at least for daytime wear. Where were the modernized sheath dresses and layering jackets, the smart skirts and foundation-making shells? I hope for Ports 1961's loyal clientele that there were more practical looks that didn't quite make it to the runway.
Standout Look: That said, I absolutely loved this dress, from the color to the shape--it was sexy but smart. (And because the back was so gorgeous, I'm including a shot of that too).
Bonus Points: Ports 1961 called in the big guns for this show--Freja Beha opened, and Estee Lauder face Hilary Rhoda walked in it as well.
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LadyBouvier said...

The truth is that the show was beautiful, wearable, and modern, but gets docked points for a lack of innovation. A collection that references the 1970s but doesn’t look “retro” will sell well, and the two show-ending gowns are bound to end up on the red carpet.


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