Vassilios Kostetsos Spring 2011

Where & When: Sunday, September 12th at 9:00pm, Lincoln Center Studio.
Presentation Recap: Vassilios was possibly the last show in the Studio tent of the evening, and despite how tired people were, the show was an artistic treat that made me forget the aches in my back and feet. Vassilios focuses this collection around the Greek Amazons, incorporating urn graphics, feather textures, gold embellishments, and chain mail into his ensembles. The colors peaked noticeably at one point to a bright cyan, and later on to blinding shimmery white. Lots of long ponytails and head wraps to complete the looks.
Standout Look: Who could resist leering at the handful of nearly-nude models sporting bikinis and boxer briefs? Though I have to say, my lady-loving seat neighbor's attempts to excitedly talk to me about the females in bikinis fell pretty flat as I was not about to take the time to indulge him.
Bonus Points: I must have missed the memo, but a lot of the attendees were dressed in a Blade Runner-esque theme. Mohawks, broad shoulders, and one guy had a real turtle shell around his neck (though he swears he didn't kill it himself).
Where to Buy: Click here to view collection.

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