In These Shoes: AllSaints Eos Boots

Introducing a new weekly feature here at Cheryl Shops: In These Shoes, in which I highlight a new pair of desirable, well, shoes. After much thought, I've decided shoes are my favorite thing to buy--they're generally not a huge financial commitment, and no matter how fat or ugly or gross you might be feeling, shoes never make you feel bad about yourself (in fact, they make you feel pretty effing fantastic)--and there are definitely enough pairs out there that I don't feel like I'll ever run out of material (if I do, maybe I'll switch to bags). I will highlight shoes of all price ranges, from Jessica Simpson to Manolo Blahnik, some on sale, some full-price. The common denominator is that these are shoes that I love, and that I think you will love.

The inaugural pair of shoes featured here is the
Eos Boot
from AllSaints Spitalfields. If you haven't yet been to their store on Broadway in NYC, I'd highly recommend checking it out. It's a curious mix of biker and Victorian, but the chain is British, and somehow it all works. The prices are reasonable, the quality is good, and the clothes are unique but very trend-conscious. Which brings me to the Eos boots--the buckled design gives a nod to another British import (Vivienne Westwood's iconic pirate boots), but the cutout design, complete with madcap cantilevered heel, is a bit sexier. They're a great transitional shoe too--half boot, half pump, and perfect for this 65-degrees-one-day, 90-degrees-the-next weather we've been having. Then again, if that means I can continue wearing awesome shoes like these infinitely, then I would be okay with that.

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Love these eco boots