Edition Georges Chakra Spring 2011

Where & When: Friday, September 10 at 2 p.m., the Stage, Lincoln Center
Runway Recap: Rating celebrities' red carpet attire has literally become a sport. And yet while I am quick to judge red-carpet looks (I favor the unconventional and fashion-forward), I can't imagine how stressful stylists' jobs are, although the Rachel Zoe Project has given us some insight. There are so many things to take into account, but I'd imagine that how a dress photographs is pretty high in importance. Georges Chakra is a prominent red-carpet player, and while watching his show was beautiful and engaging, it wasn't until I was going through my film that I realized how red-carpet-savvy his designs were. In short, everything photographs amazingly, from the black and white sheath dresses that opened the show to the liquid metallic gowns that closed it. In between were brilliant jolts of color, in purple, teal, and saffron yellow, some with ombré effect, others with cage and basketweave detailing. It was all designed to thrill, and, really, it will--you can bet your fantasy league on it.
Standout Look: Purple has unexpectedly become a prominent color thus far for spring, but the ombré effect of this gown made it truly stunning, with beading at the neckline for extra sparkle. The ombré actually turns into a gold-ish color, not white, which made it all the more unique.
Bonus Points: My seat was at the very end of the runway, and the models thankfully paused there, allowing me to examine each dress for more than the usual split second. It's the little things, I tell you.
Where to Buy: Visit georgeschakra.com for stores.

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