Nicole Miller Spring 2011

Where & When: Friday, September 10 at 5 p.m., 82 Mercer Street
Runway Recap: When it comes to fashion, I believe in having an open mind. For example, Nicole Miller has a line for J.C. Penney, and because of that, I worry that people associate her with sensible, career-woman wear. And while Miller does make a lot of clothing that suits the working woman (not that that's anything to complain about), I feel that she doesn't get enough attention for making really fashion-forward clothes that easily integrate into one's wardrobe. Miller is in her 50s, but what she showed on Friday puts her in line talent-wise with designers half her age--designers, that is, whom the critics tend to fawn over. Miller captured spring's airy silk chiffon moment but mixed it with harnesses and, dare I say, bondage-inspired details. It was all very innerwear-as-outerwear, but lest it get too kinky, she kept it all very practical by layering with tailored vests and jackets. With back cowls and cutouts, never before has the phrase "business in the front, party in the back" been so apt.
Standout Look: This is actually only two pieces--a leather vest with built-in drape, and a jersey-georgette dress--but their layered effect makes it look all the more complex and harmonious at the same time in that the structure of the vest anchors the diaphanous dress.
Bonus Points: Nicole Miller loves bloggers, and for that I love her. And, also, because she always puts my name on my chair, and that makes me feel special.
Where to Buy: Click here for stores.

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