DKNY Spring 2011

Where & When: Sunday, September 12 at 1 p.m., Stephan Weiss Studio
Runway Recap: When one thinks of iconic New York sportswear, Donna Karan's DKNY instantly comes to mind--few other lines capture the energy and spirit of the city so well. The program notes described a "fresh breeze," but I found, even more so, an overwhelming sense of optimism in the collection: New Yorkers are tired of the sobriety of the recession, and we're ready to shop. Thankfully, there was plenty of wonderful stuff from which to choose. Karan started with nicely tailored blazers and twill skirts and then unleashed a joyous series of ruffled skirts, dresses, and even swimsuits, first in vivid red and turquoise, then in unabashedly feminine floral prints. There was a certain coquettish French undercurrent (perhaps the DKNY girl recently spent some time overseas), but, hey, Paris is a great city too.
Standout Looks: Karan introduced two accessories that, come spring, will likely be indispensable to one's wardrobe: the DKNY heritage scarf cozy, a huge silky printed scarf; and the bow belt, which added an extra dose of femininity to the myriad ruffled looks. Let it be noted: I am absolutely in love with this red ensemble (and not that my feminist self would advise you to dress specifically for men, but if there ever was a husband-snaring outfit, I think this would be it).
Bonus Points: The super-colorful backdrop--a series of posters featuring New York–centric wordplay, designed by Monsieur Cabinet--perfectly set the mood for the fresh and optimistic show.
Where to Buy: Click here for stores.

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