Backstage at Katie Gallagher with Cesar Ramirez

Thanks to renown hairstylist Cesar Ramirez (pictured above), Cheryl Shops can bring to you a peek backstage at Katie Gallagher's show today. A hallway in The Standard Hotel was converted into a hair salon jammed from wall to wall with bodies. I was surprised to see such focus on nail preparation, but it made sense once I learned that the color was custom mixed exclusively for this show.

Enjoy the inside look!

Cesar in the foreground. This room was a nightmare to navigate, but to these professionals it is almost routine.

Hairstylist with an awesome style of his own!

Katie Gallagher hangs back for a moment, one step away from the chaos.

Painting nails for the models.

Another shot of the wall-to-wall hairdressers.

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