Katie Gallagher Fall 2012

When & where: Thursday, February 9 at 11 a.m., The Standard Hotel

Runway recap: Western Pennsylvania-born Katie Gallagher's show was themed "Silent Soil." The runway was adorned by giant faux industrial beams and covered on top by black sand. Stark models representing nomadic women slowly slinked across the runway in their chunky heels (reminiscent of the experiential creepazoid show Sleep No More). Translucent, textured, gritty fabrics made even the most innocent cut of dress look like it rose from a mausoleum. Hair matched the theme, pinned up in complex swirls and matted teases. All of the models' nails were fully outlined in gold - an interesting attention to detail.

Standout look: Two overwhelmingly white numbers amidst endless stretches of dark olives, black, and grey (see photo above).

Bonus points: Eery stitched-together tights/leggings that accentuated the dresses (also designed by Katie).

Where to buy: Shopbop.com

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