Nicholas K Fall 2012

When & where: Thursday, February 9 at 9 a.m., the Studio, Lincoln Center
Runway recap: Nicholas K is typically the first official show of Fashion Week, and it tends to get me really excited for the season, because while the brand has a steady vocabulary of wearable pieces—layered leather jackets, jersey tops, and slouchy pants tend to show up repeatedly—I like to see how they're interpreted each season. For fall, they took on a distinct Southwestern vibe, which was a fresh take on Nicholas K's typically urban aesthetic. This meant lots of fringe, covetable leather halter vests, tailored jackets, and blanket-like wraps. Designers Nicholas and Christopher Kunz stayed true to their city-slicker roots with a dark, primarily gray and black palette, but the occasional bits of teal and rust hinted at the desert theme. All in all it was a cool, not corny, take on the wild, wild west.  
Bonus points: The accessory styling in this show deserves mad props for both setting the mood and being really, really cool. Think felted cowboy hats, rugged over-the-knee boots, and turtle-shell medallion necklaces from Jewelry by Matt. For the guys, Vintage Shoe Company made exclusive styles for the show. 
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Jewelry by Matt said...


Enjoyed your take on the Nicholas K show very much! So happy you liked the accessories!

But I also wanted to let you know that it reads as if the jewelry was designed by Nicholas K, but in fact it was designed by me!

My line is called Jewelry by Matt, and you can read about me here:

And here:

Thank you!


Jewelry by Matt

Cheryl said...

Thanks, Matt. I updated the post to reflect that you are the true designer (as noted in the run of show). ;)