Project Runway recap
So the intriguing "contestant kicked off the show" scenario hinted at last week on Project Runway was not nearly as intriguing as I had imagined (although slightly more exciting than the rumor I had heard, which was that one contestant passed off someone else's work as their own during the audition process). Keith, for all his blind cockiness, not only had contraband patternmaking books in his room, but also apparently left the set and used the internet. Three strikes and you're out. Sadly, I think the show might suffer a bit--Keith was definitely a character I loved to hate. But I think one thing is for certain: You don't want to piss Kayne off. I think my favorite part, though, was how Tim Gunn consoled the other contestants: "You'll have to carry on and make it work." Priceless. As for the team Keith left behind, you can't help but admire Allison and Jeffrey for, well, carrying on. And I thought their outfit was actually better than Angela's but, well, let's just say that Angela's outfit captured the spirit of I.N.C. a bit better than the others'. And, in the interest of full disclosure, I've actually known for a few weeks that Angela won the challenge, because I work for, and we had to design special banners and pages about the winning outfit (which, to Angela's credit, looked way better than in the crappy pictures we had to use), but I had to sign a confidentiality agreement, so that's why I didn't say anything. (As much as I'd love to give you all a spoiler, I'd love to keep my job more.) Anyway, as of tomorrow morning, Angela's outfit is available for purchase at; you can also check online for a list of the stores that will be carrying it. Please buy it--we have an awful lot of them. As for who got "auf"-ed, Bonnie was the designer whom I kept forgetting about each week, so considering she failed to make an impression on me (or even on the producers--i feel like she was never one of the people narrating either), it makes sense. And, well, her outfit was pretty bad.

Next week, the designers give a fashion icon a makeover.

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